Training & Coaching Aerobic, Cardio

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

$ 52.92

Why use the Training Mask 2.0?

The training mask will Increase:

  • Lung capacity
  • Anaerobic thresholds
  • Oxygen Efficiency
  • Energy production
  • Mental & Physical Stamina

Elevation Training Mask mimics High Altitude Training. Athletes improve their performance by training at high altitude levels and when they come back to sea level, they perform much stronger, faster, and with increased endurance.

Comes with:

  • (6 Air Resistance Caps)
  • (3 Base pieces with flux valve plungers)
  • (1 Silicone Training Mask)
  • (1 Neoprene Sleeve)
  • Brochures, Fitness Workout booklet / Instructional booklet

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