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Welcome to OTM Fight Shop!

Whether you're a seasoned ring veteran or just starting your journey, you need good gear to perform at your best. For that, OTM is here to help. Over the years we've earned our place as one of the oldest and most dedicated martial arts distributors in California, and we'd like to show you how by providing an easy and pleasant shopping experience. Take advantage of our superb and knowledgeable support staff - many of whom are instructors or fighters themselves!

Not only do we take pride in our customer service and array of affordable products, but also our ability to help you get the fight wear you deserve. We at OTM are now proud to offer personalized gear, including custom rash guards, gi kimonos, shirts, board shorts, patches, and boxing gloves. Reach out to us to find out how you can design your own fight kit! 

Contact us via email or phone call any time between 10AM-8PM Pacific and we will do our best to make sure you have as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible.

Support a local fighter - shop with OTM.



Want to leave a review? Wondering if we have something in stock or can't quite find what you were looking for? You can reach us with either of the following between the hours of ten and eight (ten and six on Sundays)!

Phone: (714) 847-6786

Email: orders@otmfightshops.com

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